Samsung introduces a new 200MP smartphone camera sensor ahead of its first launch


what you need to know

  • Samsung has announced an updated 200-megapixel camera sensor.
  • The ISOCELL HP3 features smaller pixels than the previous version for a smaller profile.
  • The sensor can combine four or 16 pixels to output 50MP or 12.5MP images.
  • The new sensor can now be sampled by OEMs and will go into mass production this year.

Last year Samsung announced an impressive-sounding 200-megapixel smartphone camera sensor that we couldn’t wait to see. Unfortunately, it hasn’t arrived on smartphones yet, but the company has announced its successor, ISOCELL HP3 Sensor.

One of the key changes in this new 200-megapixel camera sensor is the smaller pixel size. That ISOCELL HP3 (opens in new tab) features 0.56μm pixels, a bit smaller than the 0.64μm pixels found on it predecessor. Samsung says this smaller pixel size allows the sensor to fit in a 20% smaller space, which could appeal to OEMs interested in adopting it for their phones.

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