Samsung Internet browser is one of the best, if not the best, internet browser available for Android devices. Although it lacks a few key features, the browser is pretty competent overall.

The good thing is that the Samsung Internet Browser just keeps getting better with every new update. Earlier this month, Samsung was spotted testing some new features for its browser with the beta update.

However, there was no timeline of when the Samsung Internet Browser would receive it. Today Samsung is finally rolling out an update that brings some of the requested functions to its browser.

With the new update, Samsung is adding the ability to move the URL bar at the bottom of the screen. The user interface is very similar to the Safari browser in iOS 15.

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger these days. Moving the URL down will make it easier for Samsung Internet browser users to access and control the app.

In the Settings menu, under the Samsung Browser’s Layout and Menu option, users will find the option to move the URL bar to the bottom of the user interface.

The update also improves the usability or security of the browser with some important features

Well it is not. This latest Samsung browser update also adds some other important features. These functions are intended to improve the usability or security of the browser.

According to the official changelog (via Telephone arena), the update adds the Smart Anti-Tracking feature. It allows users to block tracking by using small pixel images.

Also, the URL bar just got smarter. It offers search suggestions as a user enters search terms in the URL bar. This is also useful as you may find the exact keyword you’re looking for without having to type in the whole thing.

Samsung is pushing all of these new features through an update that can be downloaded live from the Google Play Store. It also means that users of other brands of cell phones can also take advantage of these features by downloading the Samsung browser app on their devices.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can also download or update the Samsung browser app from the Galaxy Store. Otherwise, you can update the app like other users via the Play Store.

Make sure to download version of the Samsung browser app to enjoy new features. Other changes include HTTPS priority connection, which basically prioritizes a secure connection.

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