Samsung has been connecting its devices to the company’s SmartThings ecosystem for years, and now we’re seeing the culmination of that endeavor with the Home Hub. The Home Hub’s 8.4-inch tablet is designed to help you run your home more efficiently, and provides control of all of these SmartThings apps in one place.

The Home Hub doesn’t just create a place for users to monitor their Samsung devices. It also uses AI to provide a more customized solution for you and your family. SmartThings learns your preferences in order to make relevant suggestions. the SmartThings Ecosystem works with a wide variety of products, not just Samsung. Well that SmartThings also supports Matter, the number of products you can connect through the company’s Home Hub has just grown.

Because Home Hub can connect to any product in your SmartThings ecosystem, you can control and monitor almost everything smart in your home. The AI ​​mode is designed to analyze usage patterns and find savings to reduce energy costs, while SmartAir focuses on the air quality in your home by managing air purifiers and air conditioners. The new Home Care Assistant monitors your smart devices and informs you when a replacement or service is required.

The tablet has two microphones and speakers so you can ask Bixby to do things for you. You can also keep an eye on your pet and optimize meal preparation.

One thing is clear: Samsung officially throws its hat in the ring to take control of your home. We just have to wait and see how it holds up against that Apple HomeKit, Google’s nest, and Amazon Echo devices?

It’s good to finally see a Samsung-focused home hub, especially after the Galaxy Home Mini disappointment. The device was promised time and time again but never released in the West. This new home hub isn’t what we envisioned, but it’s a welcome addition to the SmartThings range.

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