Samsung announced that it has developed the industry’s first 512GB memory module using its latest DDR5 memory devices that use high-k dielectrics as isolators. The new DIMM is designed for next-generation servers using DDR5 memory, including those powered by AMD’s Epyc ‘Genoa’ and Intel’s Xeon Scalable ‘Sapphire Rapids’ processors.

Samsung’s 512 GB DDR5 registered DIMM memory module (RDIMM) uses 32 16 GB stacks based on eight 16 Gb DRAM devices. The 8-Hi-Stacks are used over silicon via interconnects to ensure signal transmission with low power consumption and low quality. For some reason, Samsung does not disclose the maximum data transfer rate supported by RDIMM. This is not entirely unexpected as the company is unable to disclose specifications for next generation server platforms.

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