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Samsung is reportedly considering holding back the stall One user interface 4 (Android 12) Rollout for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 due to growing customer complaints only a few days after Update was released.

Some South Korean users have chosen Samsung’s Community forum Report various issues that have occurred since installing One UI 4 on their devices. According to one of the complaints, the update bricked Samsung’s foldable devices.

In some cases the phone went into recovery mode after the update and a reboot didn’t seem to fix the problem. In other cases, the update appeared to have caused additional issues such as screen flicker, dark mode, and sluggish performance.

Other users also reported that the Dual Messenger feature didn’t work with some apps. Some complained that taking screenshots did not work and images were disappearing from the gallery.

The problem also extends to various video apps like Netflix and YouTube, which have reportedly stopped working on some of Samsung’s best android phones. Some Galaxy Z Fold 3 Displays have apparently stayed at a refresh rate of 60 Hz as well.

The issues are not limited to just South Korea as users in other regions appear to face similar issues as well SamMobile. Samsung was unable to respond immediately to Android Central’s request for comment.

However, according to SamMobile, the South Korean tech giant reportedly plans to suspend the rollout of the update until a fix is ​​released.

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