That was revealed last year Samsung was granted a patent for its Augmented Reality (AR) glasses technology. Because previous efforts to develop AR and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies in the past have not produced the desired results, the new patent was expected to indicate tremendous advances by the company in developing an improved and simpler navigation system.

A couple of leaked videos may have further revealed that the South Korean tech giant has actually perfected the design of its AR glasses, now that we know what they might look like and some of their exciting features. From the videos themselves and the reviews of other tipsters, the Samsung Glasses Lite, as the AR glasses are called, project a virtual screen in front of the user’s eyes so that they can watch videos or play games while wearing the AR glasses. Samsung’s Dex mode integration also helps users perform some of these tasks without a monitor or PC.

The company has tinkered with a number of AR and VR patents and products such as the Gear VR headsets over the past several years. The AR glasses come at a time when global rival Apple was rumored with an soon to be released AR headset.

The concept videos that were leaked also showed that the AR glasses are not controlled by gestures in the air, but by a Samsung smartwatch. This is similar to the principles underlying the AR headsets from Apple and even a similar device designed by Facebook.

The possibilities of using the AR glasses for other applications are very promising. The glasses could be used in drones to provide a better view from the drone’s camera. They can also serve as sunglasses with the sunglasses mode and a variety of augmented reality features for a compelling viewing experience.



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