Salesforce leans towards Web3 with the new NFT Cloud – review of virtualization



Salesforce is based on Web3 with the new NFT Cloud

Salesforce, known for its cloud-based software for business functions like customer relationship management (CRM), has accelerated its adoption of cutting-edge Web3 technology with the closed pilot of an upcoming NFT Cloud.

Web3 and NFTs (stands for non-fungible token) are related as both are based on blockchain technology and the concepts of distribution and decentralization. Blockchain is a fairly new, complicated, and versatile technology that uses cryptography for its most well-known use case: digital currencies like bitcoins. In the corporate world, however, it has many more uses, providing a decentralized, distributed ledger created to record the lineage of a digital asset. This is where the new NFT Cloud comes into play.

[Click on image for larger view.] Distributed Ledger Technology (Source: Salesforce).

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