Safety culture: bring it into your company


The main purpose of a safety culture is to encourage change and safety, so it needs to be disruptive and deliberate in its actions.

A company’s safety culture must be cultivated. It doesn’t grow organically well. Invest in a security mentality. An enduring safety culture goes beyond a single incident. Securing an organization becomes a priority when a safety culture is sustainable.

The safety culture has four characteristics.

  • First is it determined Disturbance.
  • Second is it entertaining. People want to be part of a fun and challenging safety culture.
  • Third, it has reward. To invest the time and effort, people need to know what they are getting in return.
  • Fourth, it makes a difference.

Security is done to improve business and reduce vulnerabilities. These results must be obvious.

A good safety culture explains how safety affects the elements your organization makes available to others. These offers can be products, services or solutions, but they must …


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