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Alleged members of the cyber criminal REvil ransomware gang were arrested and the group was disbanded after raids by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Moscow said.

Joint actions by the FSB and the Russian Ministry of Interior were taken at 25 properties in several regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Lipetsk, linked to 14 members of the REvil ransomware group.

According to the FSB, several REvil members have been arrested and charged. Computer equipment was seized along with cryptocurrency and crypto wallets, as well as over 426 million rubles, $600,000 and 500,000 euros. It said they bought 20 luxury cars with the money they received ransomware attacks was also confiscated.

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The raids took place at the request of the United States, which was a major victim of Ransomware attacks by REvil.

Previous Action has been taken against REvil, including suspected members arrested in Romania and Ukraine, but the FSB raids are the first time Russian authorities have cracked down on the group.

One of most important alleged REvil attacks aimed at Kaseya, a developer of IT solutions for MSPs and enterprise customers. REvil has also been accused of being responsible for a major ransomware attack on grocery delivery company JBS, the paid $11 million in bitcoin to the attackers in exchange for the key needed to decrypt the network.

Last year, the The US and other G7 countries warned Russia that it had to take responsibility for ransomware and other cybercriminal groups operating within its borders. Ransomware has become one of the biggest cybersecurity problems facing the world today, with attacks on any sector causing disruption.

Have seen high-profile incidents hospitals and health services, Energy supplier and local governments are plagued by ransomware attacks and prevent people from accessing essential services they need.


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