Some of the most popular running apps are still lagging behind in terms of security and privacy. That’s the verdict of security researchers, who examined the leading running apps five years apart and found that few apps had improved – and not much.

Know and learn a lot about running apps as you use them. Your health data, such as your height and weight, is used to calculate how many calories you are burning, and your location data can track your door-to-door exercise path.

In the wrong hands, however, this data can identify where you live or where you work. In 2018, Strava announced that it would simplify its privacy features to give users greater control over their data after researchers discovered that users of the Strava app accidentally shared their training data, revealing military bases and secret government facilities.

Researchers at UK cybersecurity firm Pen Test Partners say many of the top apps – Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, Nike Run Club, and Runtastic – are still not …

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