Having invented the video doorbell market, Ring now has an amazing one seven Models to choose from. The Ring Video Doorbell Wired reviewed here is the company’s entry-level product and a strong $ 60 offering. While it’s an inexpensive camera, it has everything you need to keep an eye on your porch.

At that price, Ring certainly has its eye on Wyze Labs, which have launched their own inexpensive video doorbell priced at $ 30. However, when we checked Wyze’s website just before posting this review, we found the product was out of stock and the price had gone from $ 30 to $ 45. We’re not going to go into a point-by-point comparison of the two devices here, but you should at least take a look at the Wyze product before you pull the trigger on this device. In doing this, you should also consider the broader ecosystem of each business: which one has all of the third-party smart home products and devices that you may want to work …

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