Video doorbells are now standard in 32% of newly built homes, which can drive the installation of even more tech amenities.

Home builder demand for smart home technology is growing, and integrators can thank the popularity of Ring Video Doorbells for much of that growth.

According to a new study by Utopia, nearly a third (32%) of home builders say they market video doorbells as a standard feature in their newly built homes. This is by far the most popular smart home technology that builders have switched from an option to a standard feature, well ahead of home controls, smart fitness equipment and home monitoring systems.

At the same time, the Utopia study shows that video doorbells are the most popular upgrade option for the smart home, with nearly 42% of home builders offering them to their potential buyers.

The widespread acceptance of smart home technology as standard and optional equipment among builders has been a long time coming. Historically, builders have …

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