Richard Stiennon talks about the 2022 Security Yearbook


    TechSpective Podcast Episode 094

    There are nearly 3,000 cybersecurity companies – and you’ll find them all in the 2022 Security Yearbook. This is the third annual release of research analyst and author Richard Stiennon’s Security Yearbook. He’s organized them alphabetically, geographically, and by industry category, along with key details like their location, current headcount, and percentage change in headcount from last year.

    The 2022 Security Yearbook is truly a comprehensive compendium of the security industry, but it is more than just a reference book. Stiennon includes chapters at the beginning of the book that examine interesting stories and trends from the past year. He also pursues merger and acquisition transactions and financing activities.

    Stiennon came to me as a guest on the podcast to talk about the latest release in the Security Yearbook series. That…


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