Ribbon Updates SBC Solutions Strategy

Ribbon, a communications company with over 2 years of leadership in real-time connections recently made the decision to update their SBC portfolio. The brand for intelligent and secure cloud-based communications announced that it had arrived at another milestone with their Session Border Control solution by expanding public cloud investment support for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

The newly updated public cloud offering represents a fantastic start to 2019 for Ribbon, which can now offer customers the option to reduce operational costs and improve network agility. Businesses can even use the virtualised networks provided by Ribbon to transition into a public cloud network.

Unravelling Public Cloud Support with Ribbon

Ribbon’s strategy for public cloud support on AWS includes access to the Session Border Control “Software Edition” system, and the Ribbon Policy and Routing application. The system is now fully integrated with the Amazon Web Services Cloudwatch system too, and the public cloud investments include integrations with a range of high-level toolkits from leaders like Terraform and Red Hat.

For businesses that need to maintain control over their core network functionality, the Ribbon suite of virtual network functions, including SBC SWe, the Element Management System, Policy & Routing, and the virtual network function manager offer a quick and effective path to the private cloud. The virtual network system also comes with lifecycle management options through open APIs, which give today’s brand the freedom to scale according to their needs and maintain complete versatility.

What’s Available from Ribbon’s Enhanced SBC Portfolio?

For public cloud transformations, the Ribbon SBC solution comes with:

  • Flexibility and savings via SBC SWe on AWS
  • Improved media processing with Amazon’s Graphical Processing Unit
  • Enhanced resource utilisation and public cloud monitoring through AWS CloudWatch
  • Intelligent session management via PSX on AWS
  • Advanced provisioning, application deployment, and configuration management via toolkits from companies like Red Hat and Terraform

For the Private Cloud, Ribbon’s SBC solution comes with:

  • A fully virtualised analytics platform with Ribbon Protect
  • VNF lifecycle automation via integrations with third-party orchestrators
  • A range of VNF solutions including VNF Manager, Element Management System and more
  • Membership within the Linux Foundation for participation in multiple open-source projects
  • Advanced and distributed processing of media with Nvidia GPU
  • Distributed support for EMS, PSX, SBC SWe and more

Evolving Your Comms Strategy with Ribbon

According to Ribbon Communications’ Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Riley, customers within the company are beginning to move their network functions more aggressively to the cloud, so that they can scale, become more agile, and deliver better services to their customers.

While some of Ribbon’s users want to access the public cloud, others are happier in the private cloud, and some even prefer a hybrid method. By upgrading and expanding its SBC portfolio, Ribbon is uniquely positioning itself to support everyone with best-in-class solutions.

Already, Riley notes that various customers have begun to start taking advantage of the new real-time communications solutions provided by Ribbon’s range of SBC services.


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