A Russian REvil hacker wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation has found hiding in Siberia and bypasses the law while living wastefully after stealing money from Americans using ransomware. The criminal is known for hiding with his wife, who was discovered for her social media presence.

REvil ransomware hacker is hiding in Siberia, not yet caught

(Photo: FBI; DOJ)
A REvil ransomware hacker hides from the FBI in Siberia and leads a lavish life untouched by the local police force, despite being wanted by various organizations for extortion.

According to a report and track by Daily mail, Yevgeniy Polyanin, 28, spends his days hiding in a $ 380,000 home and is not caught by law enforcement for his crimes. The hacker is known to live with his wife who runs a social media business that includes a pastry shop that is a hit in the area.

The report said that no Russian forces came to Polyanin as he passed his life untouched in the Altai Mountains, despite being an allegedly identified member of the hacking group. The criminal is still one of those who “WANTED BY THE FBI“For his crimes in cyberspace where various companies have been involved.

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REvil hackers are wanted by the FBI for their crimes

Polyanine isn’t the only REvil hacker wanted by the FBI. There have been operations related to known REvil employees, but which have not been recorded on the matter by the various agencies involved.

REvil ransomware hackers and their presence in the US

Last October, the ransomware hacking group REvil announced that it cease to operate Hacking people with their virus and extorting money from them. The group is known for covertly breaking into systems before stealing sensitive information from the servers or clouds and thereby receiving money from the victims.

REvil’s hacking group is best known for the massive attack it launched against Kaseya, a well-known IT management tool and platform that helps in large companies and in the B2B sector. The notorious actions of the group have achieved their international fame and are the reason for joint cybercrime task forces to locate their locations.

The group consists mainly of Russian hackers, according to the FBI’s profile, but it remains unknown whether other nationalities have joined the group. REvil is best known for harassing American companies and operations that are now being hunted by the FBI, with Siberia having no extradition laws for the US Attorney General.

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