There has been a new case and it has been shown that cybersecurity teams have been working tirelessly since Sunday to understand and combat the ramifications of the largest global ransomware attack that has taken place that has broken all previous records known to have been linked to a Russian gang responsible for violating the company’s software,

Kaseya vs. ransomware attack

As further stated, this was affiliated by an infamous gang called the Revil Gang as it is best known for extorting about $ 11 million from a company that specializes in meat processors called JBS, which occurred after the attack on the Memorial Day happened on Friday about 17 of the countries were infected and it happened mainly due to the IT infrastructures of many customers and this was noted by the cybersecurity researchers.

And the gang demanded about $ 5 million in ransom which was stated by the researchers, but then they shocked everyone as they asked for $ 70 million in cryptocurrency and that will decrypt all the machines, it was explained by the FBI that it was so for them will be almost impossible to reach every victim

Since this has happened on a fairly large scale, Anne Neuberger, the deputy national security advisor, has stated that the president has said he will do everything possible to find the culprits and has stated that he will use all resources to deal with the situation and has urged all people who have been compromised to notify the FBI so that they can help them in the best possible way.

It wasn’t long before President Putin told Putin not to provide security to gangs that are perpetrating large-scale attacks on the US as it endangers national security, and that is something that is intolerable and it seems to be so many corporations from around the world are affected and the Russians must be held accountable for what is going on and what they are doing about it in the first place.

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