Returning players are disappointed with a particular design choice that Housemarque made.

return, the new game from Housemarque pretty well received so far. While the studio’s decision to make a rogue-like style has certainly been criticized, one feature – or the lack of it – is responsible for a lot of the negativity in the game.

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As mentioned in early reviews, including our ownReturnal does not allow players to save their progress while running. The main thing that carries over between runs is a single currency as well as some story-specific and game progress-specific elements.

The problem, of course, is that unlike most villain likes – usually small indie games – runs in Returnal can take hours, especially the deeper you dive into the game. Many gamers simply cannot spend that much uninterrupted time playing games, so there is a growing need for the ability to save progress in the medium term.

In fact, many modern villain likes allow players to do just that, some even adding it after launch, such as in the case of Enter the Gungeon. Housemarque responded to this question by stating that while there were no specific announcements to be made, it was aware of this.

“We hear the fellowship and we love you all. Now there is nothing to announce, but keep playing and enjoy the challenge as best you can, ”says the developer TweetedTagging a Reddit thread on the topic.

The situation becomes even more frustrating when Returnal actually detects this problem the first time you start it. The game clearly states that while you won’t be able to save your progress, you can pause the game and put your PS5 to sleep for the same effect. Depending on how reliably skipping the game has been for you and whether or not your performance is dropping regularly, you may be out of luck there.

If you find Returnal challenging, ours is Return tips could highlight things you may not have considered. Alternatively ours Return Gun Guide will help you choose the best tools for the job.

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