Municipalities around the country are giving local businesses the go-ahead to reopen, but getting back to business in the restaurants industry will take more than setting the tables and unlocking the doors. It’ll take technology to bring back customers post-pandemic.

Many of the regulations being set up to keep customers safe are difficult for restaurants to comply with. Without clear answers on how to implement those safeguards, restaurant owners are left to fend for themselves and source their own solutions.

recent survey by VIPinsiders, a platform run by restaurateur Philipp Sitter, found that masks, gloves, and disposable menus are all important to diners as they consider when to return to indoor dining. More than half (58%) of people surveyed said disposable, single-use menus are important to them, and 46% said they believe restaurants should check all guests and staff temperatures before dining.

In a separate study, this one by…

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