Last month, the White House issued an executive order on digital assets, recognizing that “advancements in digital and distributed ledger technology for financial services have led to dramatic growth in digital asset markets” and the need for responsible development , Safeguards and risk mitigation was emphasized.

At VMware, we can’t agree more. We are pleased that the government is tending to take a leadership role in this area. That’s why we built VMware Blockchain as an enterprise-class distributed ledger platform that meets the needs of institutions developing and deploying digital assets and multi-party dApps (decentralized applications). VMware Blockchain offers a Scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant (SBFT) consensus protocol, advanced data protection features, high transaction speeds, production-ready/day-two operations, and support for Daml and Ethereum (EVM in technical preview), complete with VMware’s world-class customer service.

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