Companies were already dissatisfied with theirs virtual private network (VPN) Pre-pandemic servers put additional pressure on them, according to a survey released today by security software company DH2i.

DH2i worked with a third-party research firm to interview people whose businesses a VPN for network security. They covered a range of corporate IT job functions from 500 to 10,000+ users.

The main concern was insufficient security, cited by 62% of respondents said the survey. Two-thirds of those with security concerns were concerned about the security of the devices accessing the VPNs, and 59% were also concerned about the permissions granted to VPN users. A lack of visibility was also a problem as 39% of people didn’t know exactly what VPN users were doing on the network.

While security was by far the biggest complaint for customers, VPNs created several other headaches as well. Reliability for Data recovery came in second place, 45% of respondents identified it as …

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