The original PlayStation VR, originally released in 2016 (Image: Sony)

A report from Bloomberg This is mostly about LCD panels and VR also includes a brief mention that Sony plans to launch a new VR headset in late 2022.

While the bulk of the story has been the move away from Japan Display Inc Remarks that Sony is not part of this trend and plans to Samsung Display Co. OLED panels in his next-generation PlayStation VR glasses ”. These next generation glasses would be released during the “next year’s holiday season”

First released in 2016, Sony has sold over five million PlayStation VR headsets to date. That doesn’t seem like much, considering there are over 115 million PS4 consoles in the wild (and 8 million PS5 consoles that support it too), but it’s clearly enough bridgehead for Sony to get it off convince them to start working on a new and improved headset.

With VR headsets evolving on PC, hopefully this would mean that a smaller, cheaper (and hey, why not more powerful device for the PS5 while we’re at it) than the currently available device starts at five years old, to show his age a little.

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