According to a report by The informationMeta plans to release four new VR headsets by 2024, reportedly in addition to its AR devices.

The information Reporters Sylvia Varnham O’Regan and Mathew Olson say they did Saw an internal roadmap showing an aggressive launch of new VR headsets from Meta.

“By 2024,” the report says, the company plans to launch four new headsets. The report specifically says they’re “virtual reality headsets” (although that could well include mixed reality headsets with passthrough AR) and notes that the four new devices are separate from the AR headsets , the meta also developed.

The first of Meta’s four new headsets will be Project Cambria, which the report says is expected to arrive in September this year.

We already know a little bit about Project Cambria as a company officially teased the headset last year and a A handful of leaks filled in some details. Corresponding The information‘s report, the headset is expected to cost $800.

A unofficial rendition of Project Cambria based on leaked information | Image courtesy of SadlyItsBradley

And a follow-up to Cambria is reportedly already in the works; codenamed Funston, which is expected in 2024.

The other two headsets are the next-gen iterations of Meta’s more affordable Quest 2 headset, codenamed Stinson and Cardiff, which are expected to release in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

But what features the headsets will target beyond Cambria is still a bit unclear. It’s too early for headsets that are built around some of the radical changes in computing architecture that Meta believes there is a need to take XR devices to the next level, or the holographic folded optics it has been researchingalthough maybe the The varifocal tech that Meta has been working on for years is almost ready for primetime. And what of them The company teased two headsets at the end of last year?

As always, time will tell, but it looks like Meta’s ever steeper investments in XR up the pace for the company’s headset releases.

Visit the Original report by The information for more details.

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