Report: Government Inaction On 6G Risks Giving China More Technology Ground


As the Biden government seeks to improve the country’s telecommunications networks and expand access to internet services to narrow the digital divide in the U.S., industry analysts recommend a number of federal investments, including a nationwide 6G strategy and supporting infrastructure.

A report published by researchers at the Center for a New American Security in the context of the US-China rivalry for technological innovation and deployment offered solutions to accelerate and optimize the US rollout of advanced 6G connectivity.

“It is time for technology-leading democracies to learn from the lessons of the 5G experience to prepare for the next steps known as Beyond 5G technologies and 6G, the sixth generation of cellular communications,” the authors write.

The report outlines a to-do list for the legislature.

For the White House, the report encourages a formal 6G strategy to create a roadmap for 6G deployment. She also advocates …


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