Installing a surveillance camera outdoors poses three challenges. The first relates to the power supply, the second to the connectivity and the third to the cover. Monitoring the outside space is much more difficult than monitoring an interior space.

The Reolink Go PT fixes the first problem more and more often: with a battery and a solar panel to top up the battery. It overcomes the second challenge by relying on 4G LTE instead of connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Finally, there is a pan / tilt motor that allows you to move the lens so you can see all of your outside space.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the Best Home Security Cameras, which includes reviews of what the competition is offering, as well as a guide for buyers on the features to consider when purchasing these types of products.

Using a 4G LTE connection instead of Wi-Fi frees you from the limitations of this network infrastructure. You can the …

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