Renesas launches virtualization solution platform for automotive ECUs


Renesas Electronics has announced an integrated automotive ECU virtualization platform that allows designers to integrate multiple applications into a single ECU, safely and securely separated from each other to avoid interference. The solution enables customers to introduce new electrical-electronic (E/E) architectures with MCU-based zone ECUs that support multiple logical ECUs on one physical ECU, the vendor said.

The migration to the new platform maximizes the reuse of legacy products with minimal development effort to deliver benefits from reduced power consumption and reduced weight and complexity of the in-vehicle wiring harness, Renesas said.

The ECU virtualization solution platform combines Renesas’ RH850/U2x MCUs with ETAS’ RTA-HVR software, a hypervisor for microcontrollers with hardware virtualization support. This platform provides a ready-to-use demonstrator environment with preconfigured embedded software, tools and an interactive demonstrator…

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