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Employees who work onsite at their organizations earn an average of $51,000 less per year than anyone else in the cloud computing profession, according to a new salary survey by technology publisher O’Reilly.

Full-time on-site employees made up just 6% of the survey pool, compared to 63% who work remotely all the time and 31% who do it one to four days a week, the researchers said “Cloud Salary Survey 2022.” Remote workers were also more likely to report receiving higher pay increases.

This is particularly notable as workers moved to less expensive locations during the COVID-19 pandemic and began demanding fully removed roles, there was public debate as to whether their wages should be adjusted downwards to reflect their local cost of living and missing travel expenses. It seems that this argument doesn’t get much traction in the labor market.

The average salary in cloud computing is $182,000, according to the report.

Responses for this report were collected in April by…

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