The three most prominent themes coming out from remote work environments are issues related to security, increased workloads, and hybrid versus in-office environments.

We put together separate and recent surveys that tackled how organizations and their teams are evaluating and addressing these areas.

Remote work security

The State of Security in a Hybrid World, recently revealed that with end-users working from anywhere, the attack surface is larger than it has ever been, and many IT organizations are struggling to defend it. The survey makes clear that 52% of security managers believe most of their workforce will be permanently remote or hybrid.

The Citrix study found:

  • 74% of security decision-makers say procedures and controls have become more complex as organizations transition to remote and hybrid work
  • 73% are fighting to keep up with the increased volume of security threats that the models create

Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Citrix said: “Rather than…

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