Virtual learning has become the “great balance,” said Gene O’Neill, CEO of North American Veterinary Communitywho provides continuing education to veterinarians around the world. “Virtual learning enables veterinarians everywhere, including remote, underdeveloped countries, to learn from the world’s most prestigious leaders and participate in virtual conferences,” he said. “This makes learning the same for everyone, regardless of geography, income or time constraints.”

Ms. Livingston’s goal was to improve her skills so she could become a paid teacher on the GetSetUp platform, teaching courses – all taught through Zoom by teachers over 50 – on skills ranging from professional development to technology, health, wellness and hobbies like photography. There’s even a new class about registering for one Covid-19 vaccination, Given the Difficulties that many people have faced. There are three membership levels, starting with free and going up to $ 20 per month for unlimited access.

“The way you work is changing,” said Neil Dsouza, executive director and co-founder of GetSetUp. “The traditional way of doing training and retraining is a lengthy program that gives you a certificate or degree. By the time you receive this certificate, the skill is already out of date. We are changing this model. “

Ms. Livingston, who lives in York, Pennsylvania, signed up to learn how to host classes with Zoom, how to manage and lead an online class, and how to teach Google Classrooms. “Seniors were locked up everywhere and really wanted to learn and socialize,” she said.

With an interest in cooking and eating healthy meals, Ms. Livingston eventually began teaching courses such as “Great Dinner In 30 Minutes or Less”, “Healthy Eating On A Budget”, and “Healthy Desserts That Are Delicious too” .

In January, Oasis launched, a non-profit educational organization Oasis everywhere, with a menu of online courses on subjects from art to writing. Senior planet, a unit of Technology services for older adults, or OATS, is a non-profit resource for people aged 60 and over that offers courses and lectures.

OATS was founded in New York City in 2004 as a community-based project for older adults with an emphasis on technical education. Since then, it has expanded to over 200 locations in five states and serves both urban and rural communities. But last year it was forced to turn in response to the pandemic. “We taught hundreds of one-on-one courses before the virus forced the closure of Senior Planet locations in March,” said Tom Kamber, founder and chief executive officer.

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