Reindeer ICO (RDT Token) Review: Blockchain Cloud Computing Education?

Reindeer is the world’s first cloud design platform that is committed to creating the first global case database on how to utilize cloud computing tools such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and others.

The platform’s impact will be similar to that of GitHub and other similar channels. The platform seeks to make everyone a super creator using the open knowledge of cloud computing. The Reindeer presale ends in about 51 days from the time of this writing, with a bonus ration of +80%.

Vital Assistance For Creators, Developers, And Planners

For those who are involved in service development or management, Reindeer project is simply a dream come true. The platform will provide specialized knowledge to raise the ability of planners and engineers to a higher level so they can make their dreams a reality.

The special knowledge—the ultimate linchpin in service development—is cloud design, which is meant to disrupt the process of IT infrastructure construction.

The world of software development, which constitutes 50% of the service development process, has been innovated by super tools such as GitHub, which commands a membership of 28 million users. The Reindeer platform is ready to revolutionize the remaining 50% with cloud design. The team behind Reindeer believes that there is still a lack of sufficient disclosure of necessary information in the field of infrastructure.

Reindeer aims to share with people around the world superior-quality cloud designs that only a few people have been able to discover and therefore make the world a place where creators can successfully work together to design a variety of services and use them without risk.

A Unique, Never-before Platform

CDML—A Revolutionary Language

Reindeer is implementing a completely new design language—CDML (Cloud Design Markup Language), to express cloud designs. Users will be able to utilize this tool with simple learning to extend existing languages such as Cloud Formation.

The ‘Reindeer’ Token, Generated By Blockchain

The reindeer token will be issued and distributed by blockchain technology, which firmly supports the provision of rewards to creators as well as how the rewards are used.

The stable generation and transparent distribution of rewards that this token will make possible is precisely the key to enabling cloud design distribution, in the form of open data, which is not at the mercy of interests or advertising intentions.

A Workflow System Fit For Organizational Challenges

While Reindeer targets all individuals, it is equally applicable in organizational challenges, which include coordination among parties and quality audits—that often arise in the service-development process at corporations.

This is because most superior-quality designs remain dormant inside organizations such as corporate IT departments. Therefore, the platform seeks to build a world in which everyone can utilize knowledge in such designs.

A $300 Billion-Plus Market

The cloud computing market is projected to exceed earlier predictions and grow to hit more than $300 billion in 2021. In that market, Reindeer aims to play an important role to empower people on how to combine cloud computing services correctly without being caught by a single vendor or service.

The only Reindeer can play this role because of its ability to provide open data from an independent standpoint and this role will contribute directly to the healthy development of the market.

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