Hello folks,

I just want your opinion on this. I have Netflix installed on my Apple TV 4K and I also have a VPN service that fully supports access to geographically blocked content on Netflix to access content from regions other than mine. Now unfortunately I can use this VPN service on the iPhone on the iPad in the MAC to access all Netflix content from other regions, but it does not work on Apple TV.

Now Apple TV doesn’t support VPN service directly, so you’ll need to set up a VPN on your Wi-Fi router, enable VPN from there, and then access Apple TV, but I still can’t access Netflix in other regions. If I do the same steps on my other devices, it works just fine.

Can you tell me what i can do

I see that there is a Region setting on one of the setup screens in Apple TV. Could it be because the region on my Apple TV is set to something different and I’m trying to access content from a different region? Might block this, but then does a service like VPN come into play? …

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