Redfall doesn’t give up Arkane’s unique approach to immersive shooters


Redfall launched the Xbox and Bethesda games E3 2022 present with a bang. The first Redfall gameplay started with an abandoned church. signs of a struggle. Blood spatters on the walls. A narrow attic. And then, boom, a vampire ambush. One, then two, then three. This is followed by leaping attacks with sweeping claws, then hideous moans and gunfire and frantic reload animations and running. Lots and lots of running. This place, the eponymous Redfall, an island town off the coast of Massachusetts, New England, is in a word stuck. Redfall is overrun by countless angry neckbiters who have blocked the sun, drying up the waters that once connected the archipelago to the mainland. And as illustrated in several minutes of open-world co-op gameplay footage, everything looks wonderful.

Not just for its stunning visuals and frenzied gunplay, but because the DNA underlying Redfall seems to be intelligently woven into everything it does. Developer Arkane Austin is the studio responsible for the acclaimed immersive sims Prey and Dishonored, two games that, despite being set in closed environments, leave players with choices at every turn – and it seems the same thing here on an even larger scale. Based on the latest gameplay footage from Redfall, Game Director said Harvey Smith he hoped the trailer would “put all Left 4 Dead comparisons to rest”. For me it wasn’t. But that doesn’t matter either. Because the key comparison here isn’t to Valve’s dormant horror series, but to Arkane’s own unique approach to immersive shooters.

Choices and Co-op

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