A few days ago Redditor u/tagtech414 got their hands on a Pixel Watch prototype after a bartender friend found it in a restaurant. It sounds like some Google employees brought the watch to test and forgot when they left. Tagtech414 showed us today what the Pixel Watch looks like on your wrist.
Previous pictures had shown the watch without the strap because /tagtech414’s friend forgot to give them the strap last time. Now that they’re owned by the band, they tried on (about 9to5Google) and shared how it feels on the wrist.

The band is 20mm wide and was quite difficult to put on, but once everything was in place the band felt “extremely secure” and didn’t look like it would come loose easily.

The Pixel Watch is believed to be 40mm wide by 14mm thick and appears to weigh 36g. This means it’s thicker and heavier than the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 41mm Apple Watch Series 7, but potentially more comfortable than those thanks to the wearable’s design best smartwatches about.

tagtech414 claims that it’s the “most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn” and that it feels thinner than it is. They go so far as to say that “it feels like it’s not there”. Because the watch has a very rounded and raised back, it doesn’t make too much contact with the wrist, and that’s apparently why the crown doesn’t dig into the back of the hand when you flex your wrist or type, which is a common complaint about clocks.

The band appears to be made of soft silicone and doesn’t retain much fingerprints and oil, which is another plus. They also added that when the display is off, the bezels are only visible under lights, but blend with the display most of the time.

There’s still no word on the software experience as the watch is now dead and when it was first found it didn’t go past the home screen.

It’s a given that the Pixel Watch will run Google and Samsung’s co-developed Wear OS 3, and will likely borrow some features from Fitbit. The watch is said to be powered by a Samsung-made processor that will be paired with up to 32GB of storage. Google might unveil it alongside a new phone next month.

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