Recently while on vacation, I received a call from my IT department asking if I was traveling outside of the United States due to traffic from Romania on my account. I told them no, but I was staying in a hotel with unsecured wifi. So I had my VPN service turned on to protect my traffic and devices. (I didn’t need the VPN to hide in another country, so I changed a setting afterwards to keep my traffic in the US.)

I hadn’t signed up for the VPN service to obfuscate my location, but it’s certainly a welcome perk. I bought the VPN for the same reason that many PCMag readers do: so that I could access streaming content that wasn’t available in the US. In my case, it was to watch European cycling races, but more likely people will choose to watch Netflix content and other streaming video and TV services that are not available in their location. (Read about How to unblock Netflix with a VPN.)

VPN services can protect and disguise data traffic on PCs, …

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