We learned one RCE Exploit was found in dark souls III, or a remote code execution vulnerability. This is an exploit that allows hackers to remotely access victims’ PCs with the potential to run malicious code or steal personal information.

While RCE Exploit was found in dark souls III, a recent Twitch stream demonstrated the RCE in action as a remote user could exploit the RCE vulnerability to run a text-to-speech program via PowerShell after the streamer’s game crashed.

News of the vulnerability has circulated on Reddit and Discord, and has been reported by multiple news outlets. The anti-cheat mod made by fans Blue Warden has been patched to address the vulnerability, but it is still recommended that players avoid running Dark Souls 3 online until From Software provides an official fix.

According to a Reddit post from an account associated with Bandai Namco: “A report on this issue has been submitted to the relevant internal teams”, which seems to indicate that they will be fixing the exploit in both games soon.

Dark Souls III is for Windows PC (via steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, see our review for Dark Souls III here (we recommend the game).

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