At the E3, Razor gave us an update on his Project Hazel N95 mask, a concept design that made an enthusiastic debut at earlier this year CES. It has some new features, notably an anti-fog coating on the transparent area, and it looks like it’s been slightly redesigned to be more streamlined. There are plans to release limited quantities that will be sold in drops, with the first drop landing around October. And you can now try it out on your face in AR on Instagram with the Project Hazel filter.

You will only be able to added to the drop list from the Razer website; You can register now.

Although many people think the mask might arrive late given the continued introduction of something Coronavirus vaccinations, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explained the rationale in March. “We found that despite being vaccinated, you still have to be masked because there is still the risk factor – that you have to be incredibly careful even after you have been vaccinated,” Tan said, adding that many countries may have one or two left Years away from a full vaccination.

The mask not only looks cool, but is also cleverly designed. For example, it has active ventilation and auto-sterilization, with a separate case that it can charge wirelessly, and has a UV sterilizer. It uses replaceable filters and rechargeable fans on the pods, which is supposed to make it sustainable. And it’s transparent so people can see your mouth moving.

LED lights on the pods indicate the charging status, and there are also internal LEDs to make your mouth visible in low light. Since CES, the company has changed the lighting design to sync with its Chrome RGB lighting. And the pods have built-in audio processing algorithms to make your voice sound much clearer and more natural.

The mask has silicone around the edges for an airtight seal and adjustable ear loops, and you can adjust the amount of airflow for maximum comfort and protection. It is also available in several sizes.

There is still no price, however, and if it’s more than a fan purchase, the cost will be pretty important.

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