Cybersecurity Threatscape: Ransomware rules and accounts for 63% of malware

You only need to look at the recent headlines to see how costly ransomware attacks plague businesses these days, but a new report sheds some data behind the troubling accounts.

Positive Technologies has its this week Cybersecurity Threatscape Q1 2021 Research report showing a sustained increase in cyber incidents, with ransomware accounting for nearly two-thirds of all malware attacks.

The report suggests that ransomware remains the most common malware, with its share, along with other malware used in attacks on businesses, increasing by seven percentage points compared to Q4 2020, making it 63 percent of all malware matters.

Types of malware (percentage of malware attacks)
[Click on image for larger view.] Types of malware (percentage of malware attacks) (Source: Positive Technologies).


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