The ransomware group REvil has requested a payment of $ 70 million in bitcoin for a decryption tool after its attack on the Software provider Kaseyasay cyber researchers.

Offering a universal tool reflects the “logistical nightmare” REvil is currently facing, with thousands of potential victims to negotiate with, said researcher Allan Liska of cybersecurity firm Recorded Future.

“We know there are thousands of victims here. REvil [has] limited resources to handle negotiations and process keys, “Liska said, calling this the largest non-governmental supply chain attack of all time and possibly the second largest ransomware attack of all time.

The full effects won’t be felt until Tuesday, when people are back at work, experts say.

“Not everyone will have seen the warnings or feel the urgency to review their own network / systems,” said Bryce Webster-Jacobsen, head of intelligence at cybersecurity firm GroupSense.

Kaseya said it will post new information on Monday morning but has yet to do so. The update from Sunday evening reported that the attack “was only localized to a very small number of local customers”.

However, each customer, namely IT service providers, can have hundreds or thousands of customers themselves who are affected.

Asked if he has made a change in REvil since his Attack on JBS Foods, Liska said, they were “just more arrogant. If that’s possible.”

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