Cyber ​​criminals take advantage of vulnerabilities in VPN servers to encrypt networks with a new form of ransomware, and they may have disrupted industrial facilities.

The Ransomware is detailed in a report from the security company Kasperskyfollowing an investigation into a ransomware attack on an unspecified victim in Europe.

At least one of the attacks on these facilities managed to encrypt industrial control servers with ransomware, which resulted in the temporary shutdown of operations. Kaspersky did not identify the victim of the successful ransomware attack or how the incident was resolved, but detailed the ransomware that encrypted the network and how cybercriminals were able to gain access.

Known as Cring, the ransomware first appeared in January and exploits a vulnerability in Fortigate VPN servers (CVE-2018-13379). Fortinet gave one Security patch to repair …

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