Radioactive sources experts gather to discuss safety


“Radioactive sources are all around us and offer immense societal and economic benefits, but they can also pose a risk. Managing these sources well protects us from accidental radiation exposure and keeps it away from people with malicious intent,” said IAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi at the opening of the International Conference on Safety and Protection of Radioactive Sources – Achievements and Future Efforts. Via video message, the Director-General welcomed over 600 participants to the five-day meeting, the first of its kind since 2013. You can still register to attend the conference virtually as an observer.

Today, radioactive sources are used in many fields, including energy, medicine, industry, food and agriculture, research, and environmental monitoring and protection. The IAEA supports countries in dealing with radioactive sources through the IAEA Safety Standards, the IAEA Nuclear Safety Series and the Code of Conduct…

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