As the Clubhouse live audio chat app grows in popularity around the world, concerns about data practices also increase.

The app is currently only available for iOS. As a result, some developers have set out to create Android, Windows, and Mac versions of the service. While these efforts may not be malicious, the fact that it takes little effort for programmers to reverse engineer and branch Clubhouse – that is, when developers create new software based on its original code – triggers an alarm about the security of the app.

The common goal of these unofficial apps currently is to send clubhouse audio feeds in real time to users who would otherwise not be able to access the app because they don’t have an iPhone. One such effort is called Open Clubhouse, and it refers to itself as “a third-party web application based on a bottle to play clubhouse audio”. The developer confirmed to TechCrunch that Clubhouse blocked its service five days after launch without …

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