Questions and Answers: The lesser role VPNs now play for businesses, SMBs – in a post-pandemic era…


For the first two decades of this century, virtual private networks—VPNs—served as the cornerstone of network security.

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VPNs encrypt data streams and protect endpoints from unauthorized access by essentially requiring all network communications to flow over a secured wire.

This worked very well for users accessing network resources remotely through their company-supplied laptops and stationary home computers. However, VPN pipes have become less efficient with the increased use of personal mobile devices, which increases reliance on cloud-centric IT resources.

The sudden increase in work-from-home scenarios due to the Coivd 19 quarantine accelerated this trend. I had the opportunity to ask Chris Clements, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at cerberus guardian, a Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Provider (MCCP) on the future of VPNs in a post-pandemic world. Below are excerpts from our dialogue, edited for clarity and length.

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