Query.ai, a startup providing security investigative tools to businesses, received $ 15 million in a Series A funding round led by new investor SYN Ventures and including existing investors ClearSky Security and South Dakota Equity Partners.

Centralizing cybersecurity data is an ongoing challenge for most organizations. Cybersecurity data lives in the cloud, with third-party providers and on-premises, said Patrick Heim, managing partner of SYN Ventures, in a press release. Adding security to any of these environments is “extremely difficult, costly, inefficient, and ineffective in getting information in and out of these silos,” he said.

Query.AI leaves the data where it is, connects to various data sources via APIs and offers the possibility of accessing, investigating and reacting to threats via a uniform browser interface. The “Security Control Plane” is a browser-based product that derives knowledge from cybersecurity data, which is …

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