Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is a major security challenge


    LONDON– The funeral of the only monarch most Britons have known involves the biggest security operation London has ever seen.

    Mayor Sadiq Khan says Monday’s state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II will be an “unprecedented” security challenge, with hundreds of thousands of people in central London and a guest list of 500 emperors, kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and other leaders from around the world World.

    “It’s been decades since so many world leaders have been in one place,” Khan said. “It’s unprecedented … in terms of the different things we’re juggling.”

    “There could be evil people who want to harm individuals or some of our world leaders,” Khan told The Associated Press. “So we’re working incredibly hard – the police, the security services and many, many others – to make sure this state funeral is as successful as possible.”

    Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy said the “tremendous…

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