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Qualcomm is a world leader largest chip maker when it comes to smartphones, but now the company is targeting the PC market with a new line of chips coming out in 2023.

During the Company Investor Day, Qualcomm CTO Dr. Jim Thompson announced Qualcomm plans to develop a next-generation ARM-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) that will “set the performance benchmark for Windows PCs” as Qualcomm tries its own PC silicon able to compete with Apple’s M-series chips.

While Qualcomm has already developed two earlier ARM-based PC chips in the Snapdragon 8cx and 8cx Gen 2, Qualcomm’s next generation CPUs will expect significantly better performance thanks to the help of Nuvia, the Qualcomm acquired for $ 1.4 billion earlier this year.

Nuvia was founded in particular by John Bruno, Manu Gulati and Gerard Williams, formerly Apple employees who previously worked on the team that helped develop Apple’s M-Series chip. And while Williams is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with Apple after leaving the company in 2019, Qualcomm still seems confident that its recent acquisition will help the company create significantly more powerful Chips than ever before.

Qualcomm said it hopes to ship its next generation CPUs nine months before the chip’s official debut sometime in 2023. However, if Qualcomm is really serious about competing with Apple and other ARM-based PC chips, it will have to make some serious leaps in performance over its current products, as Apple is likely to do in the third generation of the M-series until 2023.

In contrast to Qualcomm’s 8cx chips Primarily designed to support mobile productivity through improved longevity and faster wireless connectivity, Qualcomm sees its next-generation CPU as a challenge to Apple’s in-house silicon in terms of both performance and energy efficiency, which is quite a high demand When you consider that even chips from technology giants like Intel and AMD are having a hard time keeping up with Apple’s M-series processors.

ÖOne of the reasons Apple’s M-Series chips are so successful is because Apple controls both the chip and the software, and the Product design that the company the Ability to optimize the performance of its processor from start to finish. Meanwhile, aside from curiosities like that Phone for Snapdragon Insiders, Qualcomm has largely stopped making real retail equipment.

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