The adoption of the cloud is almost ubiquitous in businesses, but more than half of them fail to get significant value from their investments.

A cloud report by PwC released this week points to a discrepancy between corporate enthusiasm for the technology and actual results. The survey of the professional service company found that 92% of the executives surveyed are or have “all in the cloud” Cloud computing introduced in many areas of their activity. However, 53% of respondents said they had not made any significant use of their cloud spending. PwC interviewed 524 U.S. executives, including CIOs, CTOs, and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Most of them work for Fortune 1000 companies.

“This value gap that we have quantified really speaks to the market need for support to achieve sustainable results with the cloud,” said Jenny Koehler, US Deputy Advisory Lead at PwC.

One of the barriers to realizing cloud value is the lack of integration with legacy …

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