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Tencent has released the most anticipated update to the global version of PUBG Mobile. This new update is known as the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update and features the new Godzilla vs Kong mode. Users can use the link below to download this new update directly. In addition to this new mode, several other changes have been made to the game. .

PUBG Mobile releases seasonal updates with several improvements and new content to keep the player base entertaining with unique gameplay each season. The developers announced a unique collaboration with Tencent in March partner with the action film Godzilla vs Kong on the occasion of the third anniversary of the game.

This collaboration promised a new in-game mode specifically dedicated to the theme of the film. This mode is known as “Godzilla vs Kong” mode and the two powerful creatures will appear in the games.

These monsters are referred to as titans in the new update patch notes. Players can use the …

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