If that’s what you want to buy MacBook Pro 14-inch base model for $ 1,999, there’s an upgrade you might really want to do – the one for $ 20 that gets you the 96W power supply instead of the 67W power supply that came with it. That’s because after some wordings on it Apple’s MacBook Pro configuration page (discovered by MacRumors) you need the more powerful charger if you want to use the computer’s quick charge function, which can charge the laptop up to 50 percent in half an hour.

Is it ridiculous that Apple is basically taxing the people who want to buy its cheapest (but still very expensive!) New MacBook Pro? Yes, absolutely – but you should probably pay for it anyway if you want to quickly charge your laptop. The exception is if you already have a charging brick with 100 W USB PD power supply: Apple says The edge that you can charge quickly via Thunderbolt as long as your Power Brick has enough power. If you already have a beefy power brick, you can skip the upsell.

This is possibly the best $ 20 you can spend on an accessory for your new MacBook Pro.

I know promoting Apple’s nickel-and-dimming probably doesn’t feel good, but if you want a quick charge, this is probably the best way to do it. There may be a 100W USB PD charger somewhere in the world that sells for $ 20, but there is no way I would trust it enough to charge a very expensive computer. (If it were $ 20 maybe I wouldn’t even trust it wouldn’t burn my house down). I would take the upselling.

The only silver lining is that This is only a problem with the base model with 8 CPU cores / 14 GPU cores – When you perform processor upgrades, you receive the 96-W brick “free of charge”. Note, however, that upgrading only memory and / or memory on the base MacBook Pro will not result in this upgrade. However, if you find yourself in the configuration screen anyway, make sure to check this box unless you hate fast loading.

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