PS5 Restock: Target, GameStop, Walmart, PlayStation Direct & more are expected to be available this week – Nov 3rd-9th January – to appear


We’re back with more PS5 refill news after Christmas and these retailers may drop as early as Jan 3-9.

Despite a huge Christmas rush in 2022, there are still thousands of gamers on the hunt for their PS5. The next-gen console is still incredibly rare to get, even after the addition went into full swing last week.

Almost every major retailer has reduced their inventory over the holidays, but the high demand means it is still impossible for everyone to get the console they are looking for. Fortunately, as the Christmas frenzy is coming to an end, we still have new drops to help us.

This week we finally made it News on the release date of God of War Ragnarok also!

And there is great news for those who love it Poison in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2!

While it’s a late Christmas present, here’s everything we know about the PS5 surge wave from Jan 3rd to 9th!

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All PS5 upgrades – 3rd-9th January

Target PS5 replenishment

PS5 target stock could decrease before Christmas - December 2021

Target PS5 upgrade date: 5-7 January (rumored)

Our The last major PS5 upgrade at Target took place on December 16th and it was a great success for the buyers. However, the dealer is not finished with his inventory.

Indeed, insider Jake Randall reports that many Target stores will receive 50-100 PS5 consoles over the weekend. And that means there is very likely a massive PS5 restock coming this week.

We anticipate the PS5 drop between Wednesday and Friday between 6:00 am and 9:00 am EST. After all, if Randall says a target drop is coming, we’d be foolish to doubt it.

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GameStop PS5 top-up

PS5 GameStop


GameStop PS5 Restock Date: May 5-6 January (rumored)

For the past few weeks, GameStop has been our number one when it comes to finding a next generation console. The retailer has been gradually moving its sales to in-store drops so players can buy a PS5 in person instead of battling scalpers online.

We had In-store PS5 drops at GameStop for the past 3 weeks and we hope the trend continues. If so, expect these GameStop stores in stock in the next physical drop.

In addition, the dealer also offers regular online PS5 drops. But if you’re interested in both, sign up for PowerUp Rewards Pro now!

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Walmart PS5 upgrade

Walmart PS5 replenishment in December

Walmart PS5 Refill Date: This Week (Rumored)

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last Walmart PS5 upgrade, and the recent drop wasn’t exactly a huge hit. In fact, many players have theirs PS5 orders are being canceled by Walmart after the December fall.

In addition, several reports from buyers indicate this Walmart PS5 orders are stationary for weeks before they finally ship.

This is likely because Walmart is selling consoles that it doesn’t have at the time and then fulfilling orders when stocks come in. Now that the orders are finally being fulfilled, we expect Walmart to bring back PS5 consoles soon.

But it will be a while before buyers actually receive them …

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PlayStation Direct PS5 top-up

PS5 upgrade PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

In the run up to the holiday season, Sony tried its best to make sure everyone had a chance to get their PS5 replenished. In a final attempt to sell consoles, the publisher allowed users to register personally for a PS5 restock.

In the weeks before December 25th PlayStation Direct offered 3 separate PS5 drops before you go radio silence during the holidays.

Now we assume that Sony will resume its regular top-up patterns very soon.

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Antonline PS5 replenishment

PS5 at AntOnline

Antonline PS5 Refill Date: This Week (Rumored)

In the past few days we’ve seen Antonline releasing both next-generation consoles multiple times. As a smaller online-only retailer, the store can’t always keep up with big chains, but it certainly wasn’t the case last week.

Antonline could go to great lengths to fully exhaust their stocks before the new year. Or, after a year of excellent restocking, the site will finally get more dedicated inventory in 2022?

Set notifications for Antonline’s Twitter and you won’t miss a drop. However, expect to pay more for your PS5 through this site as the console is only sold in bundled form.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy PS5 Restock Date: Unlikely this week

Recently we saw Best Buy is replenishing PS5 consoles in store in December. Additionally, the retailer had a huge next-gen drop for PlayStation fans on December 27th.

We assume the store has sold beyond its inventory for the time being, but we expect more consoles to hit the market shortly.

When Best Buy goes live this week, that’s what we expect TotalTech members get another exclusive next-gen drop. However, after seeing the ridiculous price of membership, we doubt that many players will sign up for the top-up.

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Amazon PS5 top-up

Amazon PS5 top-up

Amazon PS5 Refill Date: Possible this week

It’s never easy to guess when Amazon will be reducing its inventory levels, but we managed to accurately predict the final stocking time. Unfortunately for console hunters, Scalper bots ruined Amazon’s last PS5 top-ups.

To those who grabbed the console, it seems like it is Amazon is shipping PS5 consoles ahead of schedule although. If there are still remaining stocks, it cannot be ruled out that the online shop will go live again in the new year.

However, it’s also likely that Amazon will revert to its regular drop pattern, which means that late January could be our best pick.

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That’s all we know about the PS5 Restock wave from Jan 3rd to 9th! However, we will update this article as new information comes in. So check back regularly.

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