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PS4 News: PlayStation shock Sony console announcement is more bad news for Microsoft Xbox (Pic: SONY)

Current rumours on the internet suggest that Sony has managed to surpass an incredible 90,000,000 sales of its PS4 console.

The information comes from Paul Hunter – the Senior Gaming, Tech, and Media Editor of Walmart Canada (you know, the same company responsible for some pretty hefty leaks before E3 last year).

In a tweet, the editor notes: “PlayStation 4 has surpassed 90 million units sold. Up next: 100 million!”

Though we can’t verify that information directly at the time of writing, we last heard from Sony that the company was at the 88 million units sold mark – so this new information would be in line with expectations (especially after a busy Christmas period).

This means that Sony is comfortably ahead of console sales from Microsoft or Nintendo, in theory.

Nintendo’s latest official figures have the Switch at 25,000,000+ units sold – no mean feat for a late-comer to the current generation.

The handheld/home console angle of the plucky little machine factors massively into its success, though, and Nintendo has been smart about pushing that family-friendly, more social aspect when it comes to the machine.

For what it’s worth, that’s already twice the number of sales the Wii U had. Nintendo is storming it this year.

Microsoft won’t publish its actual sales numbers for Xbox One hardware, though external sources like the NPD report do give us an insight into how well the company is doing.

The most recent NPD report notes that the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sold in large numbers in the United States during November 2018.


The report suggests that each of the consoles saw over 1,000,000 sales – with a total of over 4,000,000 consoles sold over 30 days.

“PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch each sold more than 1.3m units in the US during November 2018, the first time any 3 Console platforms have sold more than 1m units in the same November,” NPD analyst Mat Piscatella revealed.

He followed up with: “Total speculation, and could very well be wrong (not even sure it could be checked) but today could perhaps be one of, if not the, biggest individual days for console hardware sales in US history.”

Earlier this generation, we saw Sony take a 3:1 lead over Microsoft in terms of consoles sold. It seems that gap has shrunk since the release of the Xbox One X, though until we get official numbers from Microsoft, we aren’t going to know for sure just how far ahead Sony is. 

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