Many of us consider privacy and security to be extinct amounts on the internet, but in fact there is something very simple about making sure your data and online activities are yours and yours alone: Private internet access VPN or virtual private network.

A virtual private network basically acts as a tunnel between you and the websites you visit, preventing prying eyes – be it the government, hackers, scammers, or advertisers – from seeing your data or browsing activity. And Private internet access is one of the best VPNs you can get, with unbreakable security for all your online devices for only $ 2.69 per month with a two-year subscription. And a two-year subscription also includes two months of free service.

Private internet access has been recognized as Editor’s Choice by publications such as PCMag and Tom’s Guide and strengthens the security of a typical VPN with SOCKS5 proxy. The SOCKS5 proxy doesn’t need any, not …

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